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Letter: Too many guns

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Hand guns sit on a table readied to be handled, Saturday, March 3, 2018, during the Big Bore Gun Show held at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport.

Thank you to Tom Loewy for thegut-wrenching storyabout grief after sons in two families died violently.

Why can’t we talk about the elephant in the room? Why can’t we talk about guns; we have too many guns that kill kids, adults, and large groups of people indiscriminately. We cannot even discuss it. Instead we talk about intervention groups, after-school programs and gang-infiltration consultants. It’s not that hard, folks. If you get rid of guns, people won’t die. But because of the non-negotiable Second Amendment, this country will continue to have the largest number of gun deaths, by far, of any developed country on this planet.

And we don’t like references to how other countries deal with guns because those people don’t enjoy the freedoms we do. Try to purchase a simple handgun in Canada, Japan, the UK, or Norway and you’ll see how far you get.

Furthermore, there are now so many guns out there (more than 120 for every 100 Americans) that a few simple gun control measures will do little. Those guns are stolen daily, passed around, and found unlocked by kids in their own homes.

We need drastic measures, and so we get nowhere, because we cannot touch that amendment and its ridiculous interpretation. We are very free in America. Free to die from a stray bullet just about anywhere, anytime. Free to bury our family members.

Linda M. Lewis



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